LDS Music Today Music Usage Agreement


INTRODUCTION - This agreement (hereafter called "Agreement") is between You and LDS Music Today (hereafter called "LDSMT"). LDSMT produces a weekly Podcast which is broadcast around the world via the internet. This Agreement consists of the following Terms and Conditions (hereafter called "Terms").

  1. Agreement Date - This Agreement has been created on August 15, 2006. Any changes to this Agreement will be made in writing, via e-mail and/or the LDSMT website, and will become binding 30 days after such changes are announced.
  2. Artist Participation - By accepting the Terms of this Agreement, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of this Agreement. Participation is completely voluntary, and can be terminated by giving 30 days written notice. This notice may be in the form of hard-copy correspondence or via e-mail. This Agreement remains in force until terminated by either party.
  3. Artist Compensation - You agree that You will not receive any compensation for music played on the Podcast. LDSMT creates the Podcast on a no-profit basis. Compensation will not be provided to You at the time of broadcast or at any time in the future.
  4. Artist Disclosure - You agree that, at the time of "signing" this Agreement, that You are an independent artist, and have no contractual obligations for the music You submit for play or allow to be played on the Podcast. You also agree to notify LDSMT, in writing, immediately, of any change to your contractual status.
  5. Usage Agreement - LDSMT agrees to honor all copyrights held by musicians and music authors. Special effort is taken by LDSMT when playing music to avoid allowing complete, untouched recordings to be aired on the Podcast, to prevent Podcast listeners from creating complete private recordings of these songs. This is done by talking over "intros" and "outros" at the beginning and ending of songs, where appropriate. LDSMT also agrees to announce the artist, song title, and song album, where appropriate, at either the beginning or end of each song played.
  6. Copyright - LDSMT holds all copyrights with regards to the production of the Podcast. Music copyrights remain the property of their respective copyright holders.
  7. Guarantees and Warranties - LDSMT makes no guarantee regarding playtime or frequency of playing Your music. Further, LDSMT makes no guarantee to the audience size of the Podcast. Playlists are entirely at the discretion of LDSMT. LDSMT futher makes no guarantee or waranty, express or implied, to the quality of recording of its Podcast. Every effort will be taken to provide a top-quality Podcast, but LDSMT cannot be held liable for the quality of any part of the Podcast nor the frequency of the Podcasts.
  8. Publicity - You agree to allow your name and/or group name, album art (if applicable), and recordings to be used in promoting the Podcast and individual Podcast shows. Your name, group name, album art, and/or recordings will not be used by LDSMT in any other capacity.
By checking this box entering your name below, and clicking on the "I Accept" button below, You agree that You have read, understand, and accept the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement on Jun 19, 2019. If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, your music will not be played on the Podcast.
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